Friday, January 18, 2013

The Guelph Movie Club

What’s your favourite movie? What movie would make you drop everything if you had the chance to see it again (or for the first time) in a theatre? If you’re a movie lover, that can be a loaded question. Some of us can answer instantly, without equivocation or hesitation. Some of us need to refer to a detailed list of favourites with footnotes, caveats, and codicils.

I fall into the second camp. There are dozens (hundreds?) of movies I’d love to see in theatre. I’m a sucker for seeing a great movie on the big screen – especially if I can see it with people who also love great movies. But, unless you stumble across a showing or you want to see your favourite movie shoehorned into 3D or edited beyond recognition, you’re normally out of luck.

Cue the Guelph Movie Club (or #guelphmovieclub, if you’re on Twitter). Each month, we’ll pick a favourite and bring it to the Bookshelf Cinema for one night only. It’s a chance to see the movies we all love back on the big screen.  And if you really love movies, there’s no substitute for seeing them in the dark on the big screen while munching on popcorn and separating your sneakers from soda-soaked floors. It’s the way movies were meant to be watched. There’s something special about it you can’t get from your flat screen.

This month, the Guelph Movie Club selection is Ghostbusters. That’s right. We’re spending the evening with Doctor Venkman and his associates as they protect New York City from ghouls, ghosts, and a giant marshmallow. So join us, won’t you? The inaugural Guelph Movie Club kicks off Thursday, January 31 at 9:00 and runs until we’ve run out of movie stuff to talk about.

We hope this will become a monthly event where folks come out not only to watch a movie, but to join like-minded movie nerds afterwards for a drink to talk more about the movies we love. Get to the cinema early, bring your friends, and get your popcorn ready. It’s going to be great.

In coming months, we’ll be looking for your suggestions. We want to know what movies you want to see. We really do. For more information, see The Rules of Movie Club.

See you at the movies,


  1. Laurence of Arabia, Alien 1 or 2, Pulp Fiction. Will post more ideas when I think of them.

  2. The Godfather, Star Wars Episode IV, Taxi Driver, The Graduate, some old black and whites (could be put together as a "Silent Night" i.e. A Trip to the Moon, Birth of a Nation/Intolerance, Un chien Andalou, Metropolis etc.)... basically anything that should be seen on a big screen to be appreciated