Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Take a bite out of Jaws!

For thirty-eight years, that big, toothy jerk has been taking a bite out of anyone silly enough to get off the sand and into the ocean. Now's our chance for some payback, friends.

Tomorrow, when we show Jaws as part of Guelph Movie Club (9:00 p.m. at the Cinema; beachwear optional), you can have your chance to take some succulent revenge. For one night only, the Greenroom will be featuring fresh beer-battered Lake Erie pickerel with house-cut Yukon Gold fries, tartar sauce, and slaw. Sure, it's not a salt water fish, but we have to start somewhere.

If you're thinking of making it dinner and a movie tomorrow, this is a great reason to take the plunge.

In other news, the ebar will be offering a special drink in honour of Jaws—The Cape Cod (naturally): 2 oz vodka, fresh squeezed lime, and cranberry juice for $6.25.

We're trying to come up with more drink and dinner specials, as well as other ideas to make movie club nights special. We welcome your input.

So come out, see the movie, and enjoy some refreshments.

Until then, see you at the movies,

- Danny W.

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