Monday, March 24, 2014


It’s not an exaggeration to say that we were shocked by the number of people that we had to turn away at the last screening of Are You a Pilgrim. It was, after all, a film by an amateur director with no stars and no marketing budget.

It was, however, produced by award-wining documentary producer Alan Mendelsohn whom I had met at a wedding last summer. When he found out that I was a cinema owner, he asked if we would consider showing his latest project, a documentary made by a retired engineer, who in his seventies decided to make his life’s dream a reality and walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage walk. I asked him to send a DVD to see if it was indeed suitable.

A number of things surprised me. First of all, the fact that Gian Ceccato, who was in his seventies would carry all of the equipment needed to shoot the film for 800 kilometers. Many who have walked the trail have commented on how tough it was. Secondly, the production values are excellent; the music, editing, and camera work are inspiring. Thirdly, each and every walking pilgrim is articulate and warm when interviewed by the enthusiastic and friendly Mr. Ceccato. And lastly, the beauty of the Camino is truly something to yearn for.

Gian was transformed by his experience. He had been a happy, productive person with a wonderful family. But walking the Camino and recording his experience seems to have put an even bigger smile on his face and a more pronounced bounce in his step. His mission is to encourage you to do the Camino. Perhaps he also knew that Guelph is a special city full of many searchers!


Gian Ceccato will be in attendance for the 2pm screening on Saturday March 29. All seats $5. Advanced tickets are available in the Bookstore.


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    1. They are available in the Bookstore, Joan. Thanks for asking. We forgot to include that bit. Hope to see you there!