Monday, October 20, 2014


The closer we get to month's end, the more we're asked if the next month's movie schedule is out yet. That won't be until the end of the week, but we're thrilled to share with you the t's we've already got crossed and i's we've confidently dotted.

We kick of the new calendar with our opening of The Hundred-Foot Journey starring Helen Mirren. This comedy from the director of Chocolat and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen finds an Indian family moving to France and opening a restaurant across the street (we're guessing about 100 feet) from a venerable Michelin-starred mainstay. 

The Hundred-Foot Journey opens on our screen Friday October 31st at 6:30pm. It plays 6:30pm on Saturday and at both 2pm and 4:30pm Sunday.

Later that night, we're celebrating Halloween with something we're calling DRESS WITH WES. That's right! On October 31st at 9pm we're showing The Grand Budapest Hotel and inviting all you Wes Anderson fans to come dressed as your favourite character. There's more than just Zissou out there, don't forget! You could come as Dignan from Bottle Rocket, Dirk Calloway-as-a-wizard from Rushmore, or everyone's favourite--Dusty from The Royal Tenenbaums! Be creative, 'cause there'll be PRIZES! The Grand Budapest Hotel will be playing 9pm on Saturday, too, for which you're welcome to wear a costume.

Also playing that weekend is a film we've gotten a lot of requests to bring back: BOYHOOD! See it again or for the first time on Saturday November 1st at 2pm, or both Sunday and Monday at 7:30pm. These three screenings will be the absolute last showing of Richard Linklater's childhood-spanning hit.

And, finally, watch for these films fresh from TIFF 2014 in November:

Our November calendar with full listings will be out Friday October 24th.

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