Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Guelph Movie Club: Extended Summer Edition

We’ve reached the dreaded ‘mid-August’ – that time of the year when our thoughts drift toward the inevitable end of vacation, return to school, and turtlenecks (ugh, right?). But, I say no. Summer’s not over til we say it’s over.

In that spirit, the September edition of Guelph Movie Club is a thumb in the nose of fall AND winter. Forget you cold weather. You can have our warm weather when you pry it from our cold, sunburnt fingers.

So help us pick a classic summer movie to keep us warm through the cold winter nights using the poll below. (Note that you can only vote once. After that, the poll won't appear when you view this blog.)

This is the return of Guelph Movie Club after a long hiatus. I hope many of you will join us (or come back to the fold after summer break). We’ve got some fun things in mind for this year’s slate of movies so please come out, buy a soda and a popcorn, and watch a great movie with your fellow movie lovers.

'Til then, see you at the movies!


Which Movie Will Keep Summer Alive in September?

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