Monday, September 15, 2014


Guelph Movie Club is back from Summer Break. To celebrate, we're going back to school with Dazed and Confused on Thursday September 25 at 9:00pm. It's time to welcome the new class to movie club with a good ol' fashioned freshman hazing.

We're kidding, obviously.

It's a new year of movie club, so we hope you'll come out and support what's become a monthly homage to the movies we love.

Next month is our annual Halloween Episode. Help us pick which scary movie we watching in October using the following handy poll. Note that you can only vote once. After that, the poll won't appear when you view this blog. The results will be revealed before we watch Dazed and Confused.

One more thing before I go. The Bookshelf is great. They let me run Movie Club. They let us watch the movies we want. For those reasons and many more, I want to make sure they get as good as they give. So please, come out on the last Thursday of every month and bring your friends. Let's make Movie Club a winner for them so they can continue to make it happen for us.

'Til then, see you at the movies!

- Danny

Which Classic Do You Wanna Be Spooked By in October?

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