Monday, March 23, 2015


We get a lot of book clubs coming through the bookstore. Oftentimes it's a member of a club looking to get to get a book in that they've spun their wheels with at the last minute, but we never judge. Because we think these tiny communities are so important to the larger cultural community of Guelph, we're looking to shine a bit of light on them.

Are you a book club or a member of the book club that would be interested in being profiled by The Bookshelf? The idea is that we would infiltrate your group for one book / session and report back: who you are, how you started, what you read, what your meetings are like. 

Being profiled wouldn't be without its discounted perks to your club if you chose to get the books through us, but otherwise the real perk is validation and elevation. It would be a sort of Jostens portrait of your group of readers.

If you and your club would be interesting taking part, send an email to

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