Sunday, April 27, 2014


Canada Films Days 2014 marks the eighth anniversary of our annual celebration of recent Canadian film productions. This year, for one week, we will feature three films and host visits from the creative forces behind two of those films, The Husband and Algonquin.

On Friday May 2 (7pm), the writer and star of The Husband, Maxwell McCabe-Lokos will be on hand to introduce the film and participate in a Q & A following the screening.

On Saturday May 3 (9:15pm), The Husband director Bruce McDonald and co-star Stephen McHattie will be in attendance to introduce the film and answer questions after the screening.

On Friday May 9 (7pm), the director and producer of Algonquin, Jonathan Hayes and Jane Motz Hayes, will attend the screening and be available for a Q & A afterwards. 

This year's Canada Film Days films include:

The Husband
Directed by Bruce McDonald
Canada 2014 | 80 minutes
Rated 14A (coarse language)

MAY 2-4 From venerable Canadian director Bruce McDonald comes The Husband, an uncompromisingly honest look at what it means to be humiliated by the person we love most. Henry (Maxwell McCabe-Lokos) is the titular husband, humiliated by his wife's infidelity with a minor. When she is sent to jail for her crime, Henry is left to care for their infant son under the pall of his wife’s actions. For two and a half decades, McDonald has been making films like no one else in Canada, and the darkly funny The Husband (written by McCade-Lokos and Kelly Harms) continues his streak of incomparable sensibilities.


Cas & Dylan
Directed by Jason Priestly
Canada 2014 | 90 minutes
Rated 14A
MAY 6-8 Jason Priestly hops into the director's chair and his stars, Richard Dreyfuss (Cas) and Tatiana Maslany (Dylan), hop into the vintage VW for an odd couple road trip west. Cas is a curmudgeonly old doctor from Winnipeg, driving his terminal diagnosis to rest in BC. Dylan is trying to dodge some bad life choices and an old boyfriend. Despite, or perhaps because they are polar opposites, Cas and Dylan brush out most of each others burrs along the way. Their journey is musically propelled by the likes of Old Man Luedecke, The Sheepdogs, and Whitehorse, in this comedic drama that's been gathering awards as it tours the country.

Directed by Jonathan Hayes
Canada 2014 | 101 minutes
Rated PG (mature theme, language may offend)

MAY 8,9 Jake ( Mark Rendall) is shaken from the boredom of his high school teaching job by the return of his estranged father, Lief (Nicholas Campbell). A once famous travel writer, Lief proposes a co-authored father-son book about his beloved Algonquin Park. Upon arrival at their cabin, Jake discovers Carmen, Lief's former mistress, and her son, Jake's half brother, Iggy. What began as a father and son quest to discover the past they never shared, becomes a journey of discovery and acceptance of a family Jake never knew. 


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