Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Display of Emotion Is All Right

I can't say whether anything's been shored up just yet, but going on the trailer that played before Iron Sky last night, The Master might could be coming to The Cinema in the future. I've been licking my chops for this movie since the first trailer (edited by Paul Thomas Anderson) appeared at the beginning of the year. Inchoate reviews from friends range from "It's, like, the best thing..." to "I'm, er, not sure what that was...." I still can't wait to see this film, whatever it is.

A tidbit of trivia I'd heard about PTA's previous film, There Will Be Blood, had the auteur visiting John Huston's The Treasure of the Sierra Madre on a daily basis during filming. Putting a finger on the sensitive connections between the two films involves more scrounging and head-scratching and reading B. Traven's original book than I can do right now, but comparing the venerable director's unmistakable voice with Daniel Day Lewis' performance of Daniel Plainview somehow says everything--or at least cocks a knowing eyebrow.

Now, with The Master, I've done some rudimentary Internet scrounging to slake my anticipation. And I find that once again PTA admits to his visits to the John Huston well, specifically a documentary Huston made for the US Government during WW II. Let There Be Light is a disturbing and affecting look at PTS syndrome that feels sometimes like an old classroom movie. If you're anticipating The Master like I am, then you could do worse than spending an hour with sometimes heartbreakingly jangled men. It may make for a good primer.

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