Friday, October 12, 2012

Robot & Frank

Frank Langella is no slouch, but frankly (ED: Sorry) he has never had the guts to cash--in my opinion--the cheque he signed way back in 1987. Maybe you remember a little picture starring a gigantic man, Masters of the Universe? You may not know this, but Langella played the rotten, boney-faced, theretofore-animated villain Skeletor--not to be mistaken with the villain he portrayed in Frost/Nixon. Here's the Oscar nominee on that particular role:

With Robot & Frank, Langella is finally getting in line behind the bank's velvet stanchions. It's the future (somewhere between 1987 and whatever future/dimension Skeletor ruled) and Frank is a thriving grump and retired ne'er-do-well who has a new-fangled robot helper foisted on him by Stephen Tyler's daughter. The curmudgeon resists his new bot bud...until he realizes that the machine may be a means for him to reconnect with his past lawlessness. The heartfelt mayhem that ensues can only be (I assume, because this movie has yet to show in our theater) a contemporary melange of E.T.Short CircuitCocoon, and Monkey Shines.

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